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Queer in Chicago

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freelark @ 01:18 pm: Solidarity with Trans People in Chicago: Stellar's Contingent at Dyke March
Stellar is inviting TBLGQ folks to participate in a contingent at Dyke March where all transgender people will be welcome. After some unfortunate incidents that happened within the Chicago Dyke March Collective (CDMC) last year some transgender people do not feel comfortable marching alone at Dyke March. Stellar has formed to offer a space where transgender people and allies can look out for each other.

According to CDMC's MySpace page Dyke March is a "mobilization and celebration of dyke, queer, and transgender resilience". (We'll be there to make sure they remember the "and transgender" part.) This year Dyke March is scheduled to kick off at 2:30 PM on Saturday, June 26 at 7054 S. Jeffery Blvd. If you're interested in what Stellar is doing, please write to us at march4all@gmail.com.

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